What we do

Our customers engage us to solve technical challenges, often it's about Information Security, either strategy or vertical problems. No, we don't develop custom cryptography algos, we are not that smart.

On the other hand, when it comes to doing security in an agile environment, e2e encryption, or hammering secret sharding into whatever application we might have some ideas.

Same thing about deception tech and non linear defense in general. We know one thing or two about blockchain tech, as well as software development, in particular responsive apps. We got really strong opinion about awareness campaign, tabs vs spaces and zero trust.

We respect the cloud, but we got nostalgia for data centers. We definitely love infrastructure as code, process optimisation and automation. We love sniffing and mangling packets, a bit vintage, but still lovely. We also love OIDC, and python3.

We hate to waste time, ours and yours.